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5 Minute Tutorial on Self Defense Batons


Why review self-defense batons?

Most people already have the basics in their personal survival kits, aka bug-out bags. Knives, fire starters, rope, water, even guns and mace are all common contents, but there’s one very useful weapon most people overlook.

Yep. Self defense batons.

Before you dismiss the idea ask yourself why does law enforcement still use this archaic instrument from the stone age – because they still work fantastically.

Sorry if I offend any doomsday wannabe purge fanatics, but not every situation demands deadly force, even in a survival scenario. What I hope to show you is that a good baton is an excellent tool to have in an emergency or disaster situation.

OK, you need to know there are two main types of self-defense batons – collapsible and non-collapsible. Non-collapsible batons are usually constructed as one solid piece and are best known for their durability whereas collapsible batons are valued for their portability and concealability.

With that said, meet some of the best self-defense batons  on the market today:

Hardcore Hammers’ Hickory Stick

batons 1

Hardcore Hammers’ Hickory Stick is one of the most solid pieces of natural wood known and available to man. It’s actual original intended function is not related to self-defense, but checking tire pressure on big-rig semis. I imagine sometime ago, one of those truck drivers realized that hitting another person with a solid stick of hickory would change the other guy’s attitude just about immediately so the idea of this auto part becoming the handle on a can of whoop-ass flowed pretty naturally. At any rate, priced at just $17 it’s easy to see why many people stop their search right here.

ASP 26″ Federal Expandable Friction Lock Batons

asp batons

And the hurt is as official as the name. Manufactured by Federal ( the ammunition folks), this collapsible self-defense baton expands to 26″ and then locks in place with one quick flick of the wrist. This is the exact same model/design used by law enforcement and is made of premium materials for uncompromising durability. By many it is considered the best of the best and the $79 price tag reflects that, but what price can you put on safety?

Streetwise Barbarian LED Stun Gun Batons

My personal favorite just because of the name, but the function is outstanding as well. Please be sure the use of stun guns is legal in your area and if so you may want to pick up this electrifying option of a self-defense baton. Surprisingly, it only costs $80 to give a would-be attacker a 12,000,000 volt double whammy.

Smith & Wesson Collapsible Batons

The reputation undoubtedly precedes them and the item name is self-explanatory. The cost is $45. Very solid choice from a very solid company.

Cold Steel Axe Head Cane

cold axe steel

Runner-up for best named self-defense baton is the Cold Steel Axe Head Cane which as you can probably already tell is actually disguised as a walking cane. It weighs less than 2 pounds so as a weapon it can easily be managed by people of all size, strength, and age plus it actually is a functioning walking cane if needed. I like this as a recommendation for older people even outside the scope of a survival scenario. If you like that, then check out the Cold Steel Boar Spear!



Even though the vast majority of survival kits do not contain a self-defense baton they probably should. Consider adding a baton to your own bug-out bag because they are lightweight and non-lethal ways of protecting yourself in an emergency or disaster situation.


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