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Are survival swim lessons helpful for smaller kids?

Survival Swim Lessons

Basics of Survival Swim Lessons

Swimming is all about moving around in water using the legs and hands. But at times, swimming skills are not enough. In situations where one needs to wait for rescuers or one cannot simply waste energy by swimming, one needs to learn the survival skills. these skills have one objective only, and that is to survive in water for as long as possible. Many people are now making their kids learn swimming survival skills to keep them safe during any type of water accidents. Read more to learn about survival swim lessons.

About Survival Swim Lessons

Water is tricky and dangerous and at times it can be life-threatening as well. But a survival swimmer can be quite adept at fighting the water and the dangers that lurk there. However, there is this one problem and that is not all swimmers can survive life-threatening situations. This is because not all swimmers are well equipped with skills that will help in dire situations that can threaten one’s life. So to make one more secure in such accidental high-risk situations, survival swimming courses are provided. These involve water survival skills like becoming afloat, especially among young kids.

Better mind and cognitive development

It has been proven that survival swimming since a very young age can help in building the mental and physical power. Those kids who take survival swimming training, are more emotionally strong and also has more discipline in them. Not only mental power, but physical power is also increased as well. This shows that an infant learning survival skills can make them grow into more of a smarter and stronger person.

Swimming also helps in making a person more coordinated, and this, in turn, helps in better decision making. Also, the sessions help to bring better academic results as intelligence is increased as well. In the end, it makes one a more confident person who will carry themselves better in social situations and with higher self-esteem.

Do not drown!

One of the most crucial things about learning survival swimming is to keep oneself awake and alive in the water. The infants are when trained, they learn how to survive and keep themselves afloat. As the falling in water and drowning has lately become one of the biggest accident reasons. This helps in making the kids more strong and well prepared for any misfortunate situation. Survival swim lessons are designed in a way to demonstrate the prevention strategies along with the survival strategies as well.

A Few to things to keep in mind

As there are parents out there who would want to learn more about these sessions and also would like be sure before enrolling their kids

  • When to start

The very first question that parents tend to ask, is what is the earliest age they can enroll their kids in. Well, the answer is three months. Yes! The kids can start their swimming survival session can start to form the age of three months. Though many think that kids this young will not learn anything, but they are completely unaware of the fact that 3-month-old kids are exceptionally intelligent with quick learning skills.


  • Is it scary?

Well, the answer is yes it can be scary for the kids and the parent as well at the start, but with each passing week, the confidence will gradually grow. In the first days when the float is practiced, the kid may seem a bit uncomfortable. But with time the fright and apprehension of the kids will start dissipating. Also if the kids cannot make float in a single go, do not get disappointed and instead practice and learn the details.


  • What is the objective

Well before starting any class the participants must understand what the sessions are about and what is to be learned from it. well in survival swimming training, the kids are put into water in the fully clothed form. This is because if any accident ever happens the kid or the person will be dressed. After this, the swimmers or the kids are told to be in a float position while looking upward, as it helps in breathing for a longer period.


  • Safety and skills

One of the major confusion that many parents tend to have is whether they should choose normal swimming classes or survival classes. Well, most of the survival sessions have a curriculum in which various stroke development and improvement sessions are included. Choosing a survival session will not only help in mitigating drowning risks, but will also help in making their kids better swimmers.


Survival swim lessons are most effective when taken at an early age. They differ from regular swim lessons in that there is emphasis on emergency and disaster scenarios and often occur in outdoor bodies of water. For more information on this important survival skill, please visit Google.


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