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Best Bolt Cutters for Master Locks

Best Bolt Cutters For Master Locks

If you are looking for the best bolt cutters for Master Locks some people might think you were up to no good, but here at Survival Checkpoint we’re going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re here because you want to prepare yourself in case of a disaster or emergency scenario. Right?

Okay. With that in mind, having the best bolt cutters for Master Locks in your urban bug out bag may be an incredibly smart idea. When services break down, most supplies are still locked up even if they are then left unguarded, but they’re probably still protected by the highest quality union manufactured padlock in the USA – the good ole Master Lock.

But when it comes to life or death, even the uncompromising quality of our nation’s best personal property safeguard has to be put in its place and that’s exactly what these heavy duty bolt cutters were born to do.

So without further ado, the number one absolute best bolt cutters for Master Locks are the:

#1 – Klein Tools Heavy Duty Ratcheting Bolt Cutter

best bolt cutters for locks


Holy shit, do you see these bolt-cutters? 

Usually when we do comparison reviews the leading candidates run neck-and-neck with each other and sometimes there’s a clear-cut winner, but never and we mean NEVER before has one model reveal itself to be so astronomically outstanding from and absolutely crushing to all its competitors as the Klein Tools Heavy Duty Ratcheting Bolt Cutter.

best bolt cutters

You know we don’t even do two product photos on this site, but damn this bitch is impressive!


best bolt cutters for padlocks

Can your bolt cutters do this?


Best Bolt Cutters for Master Locks Early Conclusion:

There’s no need to write any more or do any more research, we’re not even going to do a #2 or a #3 on this one – you either have a pair (of these) or you don’t.


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