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Best Canned Meat for Survival

Best Canned Meat For Survival

Choosing the best canned meat for survival scenarios and camping expeditions becomes a simple task when you keep some important factors in mind at before you pull out your credit card.

First, do you plan to carry this survival food? If so, how far will you be carrying it? This is important because canned meat is of course heavy and if you have to haul it around too long you’ll end up more tired and may spend more energy than the calories in the meat!

So, if you insist on canned meats for survival situations instead of jerky and other meats that can be packaged in lightweight plastic, then you may as well be eating the best.


The Best Canned Meat for Survival and Emergency Pros

#1 – SPAM

best canned meats

Yes, America’s favorite wonder meat is actually an excellent choice for your best canned meat for survival stash because of it’s versatility and flavor. You can use SPAM as a stock for soups you make in the wild or of course you can eat it right out of the can with some crackers (if you didn’t crush them along the way). Plus, that little square can fits nicely in any bug out bag, so make sure to pack this delicacy at all costs.

#2 – Tuna

canned meats 4

Or chicken breast like above, but with its lean protein, conveniently stack-able containers, tuna isn’t just for casseroles anymore, it’s a great way to keep your strength up in the wilderness. If you’re feeling bougie, then go ahead and upgrade to white albacore or pink salmon, red salmon if you’re a Rockerfeller, but in any case these little tubs of ocean omega-3 can help maintain your muscle mass and contribute to cardiovascular health.

#3 – Beef Stew

best canned meat for survival

This tasty favorite probably should have been higher on the list (sorry, tuna), but makes it on nonetheless. There are several well-known brands, so feel free to choose the one you feel the best about eating. You can heat and eat it right out of the can for a homestyle feeling in the middle of nowhere. Yes, we realize this isn’t technically canned meat, but who argues with beef stew?


Conclusion: Best Canned Meat for Survival

Canned foods are generally not recommended for survival trips that require extensive hiking because of the weight of the goods. But if you won’t be walking too far and don’t want to rely on what you can hunt or trap for protein, then consider some of these favorite canned meats for your next expedition.


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