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Best First Aid Kit for Hunting

Best First Aid Kit For Hunting

Choosing the best first aid kit for hunting, camping, or survival adventures is a very important step that should not be overlooked because although it is often taken for granted, the need will arise for the use of that first aid kit and that’s the moment it matters what you’ve decided to include.

Some first aid kits are pre-packaged by major brands and suppliers and others are homemade by the end user survivalist.  We personally recommend the homemade variety because they can be tailor-fitted to the needs of the individual and group users.

Below you will find our top recommendations for pre-packaged first aid kits as well as essential individual supplies for you to build your own Best First Aid Kit for Hunting or camping. So, here are our top picks based on real user reviews:

Best First Aid Kit for Hunting or Camping – Pre-packaged

#1 –Everlit Emergency Survival Trauma Kit

best first aid kit for camping and hunting

Without a doubt one of the very best prepackaged first aid kits available, the Everlit Emergency Trauma Kit is a 5-star rated product that was designed by military veterans to meet first aid requirements as their experience deemed fit. The Everlit Emergency Trauma Kit provides the following unique benefits:

  • ✅ Uniquely customized by U.S military VETERANS to get you well-prepared in advance to emergencies during the outdoor adventure, hunting, camping, travel, disaster, and accident. Everlit Emergency Trauma Kit is ideal for field tactical medics, police, military, combat life savers, first responders, outdoor enthusiasts and more!
  • ✅【Massive Hemorrhage and Circulatory Care】: This kit contains the most use friendly, compact and popular survival and first aid supplies for massive bleeding control on the market, which includes: military combat tourniquet, tactical Israeli pressure dressing, and compressed gauze.
  • ✅【Respiratory and Hypothermia Treatment】: Sealing the open chest wound seems like a no brainer for respiratory care. As a seal, a durable plastic packaging of any product in the kit can be used to seal the wound with the medical tape. A shock often occurs after massive loss of blood, causing a drop of body temperature. The emergency thermal blanket is designed to keep body temperature warm as a treatment for hypothermia.
  • ✅【Bone Fracture Treatment】: 36 Inch Splint Roll to keep your bones in position, triangle bandage and elastic bandage to wrap around and secure the limb from moving around. Together, those items are purposely selected in this kit for any bone fracture of your limbs.
  • ✅【Veteran Owned Company 5 – Star Customer Support】: Everlit is committed to providing the most comprehensive customer service. We proudly offer the exclusive 60-days hassle-free return over all products. We stand behind the quality of our inventory.

You would probably expect to pay hundreds for a emergency first aid kit of this depth, but the Everlit Emergency Trauma Kit is surprisingly affordable on Thanks to the many Vets who made the sacrifices necessary to provide the rest of us something so valuable.

#2 – Swiss Safe 2-in-1 (120 Piece) First Aid Kit 


best first aid kit for hunting 2

The Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit is actually two first aid kits in one – an intelligently organized 120 piece main kit, plus a satellite 32 piece kit.

All included items, with the exception of the 18-page first aid guide, are medical grade and FDA approved for extra peace of mind.  Swiss safe is a trusted brand and the Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit comes with a 100% customer satisfaction money back guarantee. Check it out on Amazon here.

#3 – Surviveware Large First Aid Kit

best large first aid kit for hunting

The Surviveware Large First Aid Kit is the best kit for large parties and groups. It boasts the following features:

  • DURABLE, STRONG AND DESIGNED TO LAST. Made from 600D Polyester this first aid kit comes in the strongest bag on the market. We tested this product for more than a year to make sure it withstands even the toughest conditions. For the price you’re paying, you deserve the best. Forget about flimsy plastic containers that break when under pressure, invest in a soft shell first aid kit that is rugged, robust and portable.
  • FDA APPROVED TRAVEL MED KIT. This kit comes with 200 essential basic life-saving items for your Truck or Boat with additional space to add your own items. Anyone who is serious about preparedness ends up customizing their kit and adding their own supplies anyway. There is enough space in the kit to even add bulky items like an 18″ SAM splint.
  • WATER RESISTANT. The bag is water resistant and all inner items are protected from water in durable laminate pouches. This means your kit becomes a waterproof haven. Add it to your boat without worrying about water damage. In addition, the kit floats so if you accidentally drop it during your voyage this your supplies stay safe
  • ORGANIZED COMPARTMENTS. You need to know your first aid kit like the back of your hand. During stressful situations at home or at the office people frequently panic and make mistakes. Each inner sleeve is labeled according to its function. Now, all items can easily be retrieved and afterwards replaced with new supplies in an orderly fashion.
  • PORTABLE MOLLE SYSTEM. The kit comes with a removable system so you can attach it to your car’s headrest or the roll bar in your Jeep. If you don’t need this, remove the straps and adhere in your car’s trunk. The Velcro is super strong which means you can also carry it while hiking, this first aid kit will always stay in place when your family goes on extended travels.

So, what exactly is inside the first aid kit?

These Quality First Aid Supplies are included with the Surviveware Large First Aid Kit:
  • 600D Polyester Bag(1),
  • 7.5″ Shears(1),
  • 18″ Splint(1),
  • Alcohol Wipes(10),
  • Adhesive Bandages: Butterfly – Large(5), Butterfly – Medium(5), Large(5), Standard(30), Square(5), Mini(5), H-Shape(5),
  • Cold Pack(1),
  • Combine Dressing(1),
  • Conforming Bandages(6),
  • Gauze Swabs(5),
  • CPR Bag with Instructions(1),
  • CPR Mask(1),
  • Ear Buds(20),
  • Emergency Blanket(1),
  • Eye Pads(4),
  • Fever Strips(3),
  • First Aid Handbook(1),
  • Nitrile Gloves(4),
  • Hydro Gel(5),
  • Hypo-Allergenic Tape, Non-Adhesive Dressings(10),
  • Laminate Baggies(6),
  • Refuse Bag(1),
  • Pressure Bandage(1),
  • Safety Pins(10),
  • Skin Cleaning Wipes(10),
  • Splinter Probes(10),
  • Sting Relief Wipes(10),
  • Strip Closures(9),
  • Triangular Bandage(2),
  • Tweezers(1),
  • Whistle(1),
  • Wound Dressings(2).

Best First Aid Kit for Hunting or Camping – Homemade Supplies

  1. Bandages
  2. Scissors/Scalpel
  3. Gauze
  4. Antiseptic
  5. Stitching Needle and Thread
  6. Signal Mirror/Radio/GPS/Whistle
  7. Snakebite Anti-venom
  8. Personal Medications
  9. Pet Medications




The best first aid kit for hunting or camping in our opinion is the Everlit hands down, but if you want your first aid kit to be unique to your own needs then build your own using the supplies listed above. Either way, you’re sure to be prepared in case of an unexpected emergency and you will be very grateful you planned ahead on this.


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