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Best Survival Gun for the Apocalypse

Best Survival Gun For The Apocalypse

When considering the best survival gun for the Apocalypse, as a writer I have mixed emotions. Is this for real? Is someone actually looking for the answer to this question? What on Earth can I tell that person?

best survival gun for apocalypse

Taking the subject matter as seriously as I can, I am of the belief that the Apocalypse is biblical in nature (or whichever Good Book you subscribe to), but my point is that it’s God based and frankly you’re already S.O.L if it comes to that in your lifetime.

But I realize there are a bunch of nutjobs out there mentally masturbating to the idea of anything having to do with lots of guns and a purging of mankind from the face of the Earth. If you are in fact one of these sickos, then read on – this article is for you, but please let me say if there is a God and an Apocalypse there’s no way you and your freak buddies should be the ones to survive it.

your freak buddies

Ready? Here we go!

The best survival gun for the Apocalypse won’t hold any bullets. You’re either going up against God in which case you have no chance or you’ll be facing a small poorly armed militia of Mad Max vigilantes scraping up survival supplies and whatever else they can get away with.

Let me ask you, how would you best deal with fifty or so of your neighbors hell-bent on survival and/or destruction and possibly not in that order? To me, the best answer is with about 100 or so of your other neighbors also hell-bent on survival or destruction and yes, again, not necessarily in that order.

My point is that teams win. Teamwork wins. No individual stands much of a chance against 50 other people. I know, I know you have a M249 you’ve been dying to try out and all those homemade explosives you built out in the garage to protect your newly moated home may go to waste, but the sad truth is you will probably get further using your brain than your brawn. Dammit!

So now that we got your brain in the game, what do you say we put it to use right away instead of waiting for the day the Apocalypse is upon us? If you don’t want to be killed by an angry mob, don’t let them find you…

Yes, survival skills, the point of this entire website. Instead of planning on going all John Wick on the entire surviving population if necessary, why don’t you see if your self-sufficiency skills are really up to par? You won’t need the best survival gun for the Apocalypse if you’re living in the wilderness away from the masses. They don’t have the skills to survive on their own and outside of the social grid, but you do right?


If you can’t use your brain, you don’t deserve to survive because civilization would just end up back exactly where we are now – a bunch of leaders not using their brains and actually causing an Apocalypse to fall upon us.

If you don’t understand what fractional reserve banking means or the definition (and history) of fiat currency and inflation, then you need to do yourself a favor a wake up. The most probable cause of any Apocalypse is the inevitable collapse of the US Dollar and every world currency that is tied to it. The reality is the Dollar is just paper, exactly like Monopoly money, but for now we can use those Dollars to obtain goods and services. But our nation’s and the World’s currency and central banking systems amount to no less than Ponzi schemes and they WILL collapse at some point like all Ponzi schemes do. Guaranteed.

Have you not noticed the constant reduction in interest rates? Have you not noticed the continual influx of currency into our money supply by the Fed (Quantitative Easing)? Have you not noticed all the shops popping up with signs in the window stating “We Buy Gold”? Have you not noticed that Bitcoin has gained over 1000% on the Dollar in the past three years? Three!

My friends time is running out. The biggest game of musical chairs in human history is already underway and those people holding Dollars or other paper assets denominated in Dollars like stocks and bonds will be the losers because EVERY DOLLAR WILL BE WORTH EXACTLY ZERO. Please, remember someone told you this.

Now You Know

The best thing you can do to protect yourself and your wealth is to diversify out of the Dollar as soon as possible. The value of ALL long-term savings and retirement accounts should be held in inflation-proof physical precious metals like gold or silver, and not in any gold or silver stocks or bonds or paper instruments, REAL PHYSICAL METAL.

In other words, gold you can hold.

Trust no one who tells you gold and silver are worthless relics of the past and that the future is all digital. Digital means intangible which means you are actually holding nothing – this is what the Banksters want you to do.

Crytocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin are an exception to the intangibility considerations. As a mathematical certainty, only 21 million Bitcoin can ever be created and many of the original Bitcoins have been lost due to error or lack of understanding.

There are trillions of US Dollars in existence throughout the world (and this debt is coming back to us), imagine owning just one of anything that there will only be 21 million of. That’s what Bitcoin is and that’s why it’s important. It cannot be mass produced like the paper currencies of governments, like gold and silver the amount is finite, therefore it will always have value.

Instead of searching for the best survival gun for the Apocalypse, get a free gold investment kit from Goldco one of the most trusted precious metals custodians in the country. They can convert any percentage of your IRA or 401(k) into IRA approved physical precious metals with as little as one phone call to (877) 592-1403.

Or if you prefer Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies you should contact Regal Assets, the very first IRA custodian approved for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency transfers which are also 100% IRA approved. Their phone number is (855) 463-5680.

If you’re not balling out on the retirement fund level you can still invest on a personal level by buying your own gold and silver coins from local dealers or even (which I recommend for the security of their A to Z guarantee).

The prepared already know these things and have taken action to protect themselves and their families. Are you really online getting ready for zombies?

Conclusion: Best Survival Gun for the Apocalypse

You need to wake up. Get out of the Dollar while you still can. You have been warned.


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What started out as a commitment to protect my family from the dangers of the world has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threats of today, there are ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is Power.

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