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How to Find Food in the Wilderness without Hunting Tools

How To Find Food In The Wilderness Without Hunting Tools

Learning how to find food in the wilderness without hunting tools is an important survival skill because as survivalists we cannot always rely on technology to assist us in our quest to stay alive.

The most common ways how to find food in the wilderness without hunting tools involve either foraging or trapping.

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Foraging simply means gathering fruits, nuts, and other edibles that can be found in the wilderness. While usually purely vegetarian, foraging can include grubs, worms, and other bugs that can be easily caught and gathered just like their plant based counterparts.

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Trapping is the way to go if you want substantial non-bug meat in your diet. Remember, this is how to find food in the wilderness without hunting tools, so we can’t use any factory manufactured utensils of any kind, but man or woman made tools (bushcrafting) will be acceptable for our exercise.

But first, let’s stick to no tools at all. There are several traps you can construct in the wilderness that don’t require any traditional tools. Sling-based traps can be fashioned from tree limbs or vines that may be available in the area. Pit traps are created by digging and then covering deep holes that cause animals to fall inside of, but not be able to get out of.

A Pro Tip is to line the bottom of the pit trap with sharpened wooden spikes or to fill the pit trap with water to ensure an animal that falls inside is even more unlikely to escape.

fish trap

You can actually catch fish in the wilderness without hunting tools! One way is to build a rock trap which easily funnels fish into a pooled but enclosed area (that also can be created using rocks), but makes it difficult for the fish to find their way out of. The best rock traps actually use a grade slope that funnels fish in and then allows them to drop down into the pooled area making it nearly impossible for them to escape.

Now if we are to enter the arena of man made tools and weapons, the entire gambit of possibility is at your fingertips. Spears, bow and arrows, and improvised ballistic weapons all can be fashioned using a good bushcrafting knife and the materials that will commonly be found in a wilderness environment.

How to Find Food in the Wilderness without Hunting Tools Conclusion:

The two main ways of finding food in the wilderness without hunting tools are foraging and trapping. Both are effective and most survivalists use a combination of the two when out in the field. Choose whichever skill is most comfortable to you and then practice, practice, practice.


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