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How to Live in the Wilderness Forever

How To Live In The Wilderness Forever

Sooo, you want to know how to live in the wilderness forever, huh?


Forever is a very long time and you’re not going to make it that long anyway. So instead of wondering and writing about how to live in the wilderness forever, isn’t how to live in the wilderness until you die there actually a more accurate topic assessment?

Why do you want to die in the wilderness?

Yeah, a lot of bad things happen in life, but dying in the wilderness has to make anyone’s list of additional bad shit so why add it to the list even if you are checking out of Hotel Life as We Know It.

Planning on how to live in the wilderness forever and subsequently dying out there means your remains will probably be considerably scavenged by the forest animals before anyone ever finds you, better stated, if anyone ever finds you.

As bad as life can be, human beings in civilized societies have funeral or burial services when they pass away because it gives closure to the people that are left behind and again because it’s the civilized thing to do. Dying in the wilderness is not only barbaric, it’s also pretty selfish and always unnecessary.

happy living

Rather than give the topic of this article any serious attention, let us say that if you’re feeling overwhelmed you are not alone and as difficult as it may seem all of us really want a better life, not no life at all.

How to Live in the Wilderness Forever Conclusion:

If you’re ever feeling like you are out of control and cannot handle life’s responsibilities, PLEASE contact someone for professional help. We’ve all been there before and most of us make it through, be sure to be one of these people.

Everything gets better with time and perspective. You and your life too.

If you or someone you know needs help, contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at (800) 273-8255  or by visiting to chat with a counselor with no waiting.



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