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How to Live in the Woods with Nothing

How To Live In The Woods With Nothing

How to Live in the Woods with Nothing

If you really want to learn how to live in the woods with nothing, then you probably are best off asking someone who actually lives in the woods with nothing, right?

Meet Emma Orbach.


Of course, this isn’t the Emma we were referring to. We actually can’t show you a photo of the real Emma and we’ll explain that later. Our Emma is a 100% bonafide outdoorswoman. And when we say outdoorswoman, whoa man do we mean outdoors.

She’s been living off-grid for over 13 years. She is a conspiracy-theorist of sorts with many of her thoughts encircling the idea and truth of Big Brother. Emma wants no part of that side of existence, she is very content raising her vegetables and living in a hand constructed dwelling somewhere in an isolated part of Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Instead of writing a fluff piece about how to live in the woods with nothing, we are going to take this opportunity to provide you the visitor of Survival Checkpoint the very best information we can on this topic.

However, it seems someone else has beat us to it and we can’t compete with the job he has done. Meet Timothy Allen (no relation to the comedian). Tim is a photographer and film maker working and he actually took a film crew out to Emma to record her story!

The problem is independent photographers and film makers don’t get paid big bucks at all. The few dollars they do earn come from the images the collect, the rest of their money comes from suing anyone who tries to use those images without permission

In fairness and full disclosure, we did not reach out to Mr. Allen regarding ‘arrangements’ (payment) to use the images he collected on Emma because we are small enterprise ourselves. But again we feel Emma’s story is extraordinary and you as the reader will be better off hearing it and learning from her.

So we have decided to link directly to Timothy Allen’s article on his website, human planet and you can read more about Emma and her life living in the woods with nothing by clicking this link to visit the site:

Click here to visit and check out Emma’s story.

We also want to thank Mr. Allen for his work on this piece and let him and our readers know our comments about poor film makers and photographers are all in jest. Still, we dare not republish the photos.



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