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How to Make Mosquito Net Hat

How To Make Mosquito Net Hat

Learning how to make mosquito net hat is a bit of a tricky undertaking. The main reason for this is that you can’t possibly bushcraft a mosquito net, so in essence you’re going to have to use some man-made materials.

Therefore, if you’re going to have to acquire (purchase) man-made materials to make a mosquito net hat, why not just buy a ready-made mosquito net hat in the first place?

But, we’ll play along.

how not to make a mosquito net hat

How to make mosquito net hat:

#1 Get a mosquito net.

Einstein, did you read the title of this article? Didn’t you ask the question? If you haven’t already figure this out let us break it to you and say that you will not be able to make an effective mosquito hat without any mosquito netting. Nothing else will do. Did you see the Snickers commercial where the guy tries robbing an armored car with his friends who each are wearing pantyhose on their heads, but he’s wearing fishnet stockings? Don’t be a Pete Samborine, get some mosquito netting if you’re serious about doing this.


#2 – Get a hat

This feels like giving a lecture on a short yellow bus, but you’re going to need a hat too. Preferably one with a large brim that completely encircles your entire head because this will allow the mosquito netting to fall naturally around your head and neck which will provide the mobility you need and expect to carry on your daily activities.


#3 – Put the net over the hat

Yeah, we gave this part away in the last section, but we figure your reading comprehension may be as low as your common sense since you still want to make one of these instead of buying one. But, yes, you need to put the netting over the hat in order for this master plan to be effective.


#4 – Wear the hat

It would be a real shame if you came all this way and still ended up with malaria or typhoid fever just because you didn’t realize personal protective gear only works if you’re wearing it. You’ve asked the tough questions, how to make mosquito net hat, you’ve plowed through sources for a solution and now you get the reward for your efforts – a homemade mosquito net hat.


Dude, just buy one. They’re super cheap at, other sporting good outlets, and everyplace else. Plus, you won’t look silly to the wildlife.

What started out as a commitment to protect my family from the dangers of the world has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threats of today, there are ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is Power.

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