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How to Survive in the Woods for a Year

How To Survive In The Woods For A Year

Most people who want to know how to survive in the woods for a year are on the run from the law or just off their medication. But committing to taking the topic as seriously as possible we intend to provide you a feasible strategy to accomplish this incredible feat of self-sufficiency.

Outside of your skill set, the biggest determining factor to how to survive in the woods for a year will be your equipment, specifically how much of it you are able to take with you. Maybe your year-long expedition will be centered around living out of your vehicle, in which case you can certainly haul a lot more supplies with you. Or, you may be running into the woods with nothing but the shirt on your back – that’s a whole new ballgame.

For our scenario, let’s take the middle ground and say you’re able to carry your survival kit or bug out bag with you, so you’re not entirely bare handed, but you certainly not living with any of the usual modern conveniences.

Ready or not, let’s jump into it.

how to survive in the wood for one year

Provided you are in good physical health and the temperatures are not extreme, your first priority should be locating or building a shelter. The reason for this is because the human body can survive about 3 days without water, but only 3 hours in extreme weather. Chances are there will be a significant temperature drop at nightfall and if you’re sitting there fully hydrated because you focused on finding water, then you probably won’t survive the night.

How to Survive in the Woods for a Year – Rule #1

Find or create a shelter as soon as possible. This takes priority over all other non-emergencies because lack of shelter can quickly become a life threatening emergency.


To Be Continued….

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