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Learn Wilderness Survival with Survival Camp

Survival Camp

survival camp holds to its name as it can teach you how to survive in the wild. The camp is usually for three to four days and can teach you tricks and tips to survive in wild and any emergency. It teaches you things like what to do when lost in a jungle or what do when you are left alone in the chilling cold. These things can be adventurous when dealt with cool and calm. Such situations are better dealt with when you know tricks as the solution. The do’s and don’ts play an important role in the camp. The camp can be conducted by any organization mostly in some isolated places like jungles. It is done so that you live away from comfort and learn how to deal with tough situations.

 Things you should know about survival camp

  • It is also known as survival training where the participants are trained to survive the wild and the most difficult situations. Some of these are for children whereas some are for adults.
  • A survival camp also strengthens the bond between people as a group of people are trained in the camp. The members of the group help each other overcome tough situations. This results in a strong bond.
  • Mountains, hilly areas, forests, etc. are the places where the training is conducted. Instead of mere training, it can also be thought of as a medium to have fun, as you learn many things.
  • It teaches you how you can survive without comfort, proper food, less water, no internet and daily stuff you are accustomed to. It also aims to expand the team and creating a bond between the team members.
  • It need not be in groups only, it can be practiced individually also with the help of an expert initially.


Things that you learn in the camp

  • Arranging food – Since you’ve moved into an isolated place, getting readily available food would be difficult. So you must learn numerous food gathering techniques like catching fish, foraging and more. You will not learn to hunt or injure an animal as it is prohibited in some survival camps.
  • Water purification techniques – Again, knowing how to find drinkable water is crucial and your body needs water more than food. In many survival camps you will learn how to build a solar still to purify water. Also, you will learn how to purify water with different techniques.
  • Making Fire – Fire also plays an important role as you might need to keep danger away from you in the jungle. It can also help you with cooking. Also if you are staying in the woods, building a shelter is equally important. A bow drill can be used to make fire and the same you get to learn here.
  • Signalling – In case of emergency you should know how to send a signal. This will help first-responders rescue you if you encounter an emergency. Smoke, mirrors, noise and flares are all used to send signals. You will learn how to send signals using these.
  • Hygiene – Staying in a forest does not mean you compromise on hygiene. It is important that you stay fit and away from diseases. Whatever you do, do not forget to maintain hygiene with the minimal resources you have.
  • First-aid – You might get injured by some or the other way. Ignoring the wounds can result in disease. Hence keeping a first aid kit and knowing how to use it is important. You will frequently face problems in the wild, hence getting well acquainted with medical techniques is important.
  • Attitude – This is important of all. Keeping a positive attitude to most effectively learn new techniques is important. If ever you lose focus for even a minute, it can hamper the entire learning process and cost yourself and family a valuable strategy.


Benefits of survival camp

Participating in a survival camp has the following benefits for you and you family:

  • Learning how to stay away from the comfort of society
  • Knowing the tricks to deal with minimal resources.
  • Developing a deterministic attitude to tackle any issue.
  • Knowing how to generate water and food without traditional resources.
  • Developing team spirit.
  • Overcoming the fear by confidence.
  • Bringing out the adventurer in you.


Sum up

So if you want a break from the ordinary, then survival camp can be really fun. While having a tough time, you learn things that can help you in case of an emergency. So pack your bags today and plan for the camping experience of a lifetime! Keep up with your team and conquer your fears.


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Wilderness survival training

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