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Prepper Pantry – All You Need To Know Is Here

Prepper Pantry

Prepper Pantry – Having a prepper friend means getting inspired by them at the same time landing in a
dilemma about what to gift them. A prep is always prepared for any situation even an
apocalypse. They are trained from, early age to face any situation and try to live with
minimal comfort. Saving energy or living without it, living off-grid and other such attributes
are present in the preps.

Since they are trained to live with minimal comfort, you must gift
them something that proves to be useful for them. Choosing such an ideal gift can be crucial
for you. To do so you must know what the pantry of preps consists of. The article will also
guide you on how to stock a prepper’s food and kitchen with the essentials. So keep reading
further to know more about prepper pantry.

Attributes of Preppers

 Preppers have a personality trait different from other people. They have the will to
learn something and they crave for knowledge more than useless things. Preppers
focus on the long term things rather than worrying about the result of the present

 A prepper’s mind is always busy with thinking something new and doing something
creative. They tend to be prepared for anything that might come their way.

 They believe in family and its value and go to great lengths to keep it intact. A sense of
honesty and belonging that the family values provide is much appreciated by the

 To achieve and fulfill the challenges a prepper must be fit mentally, physically and
socially both. Critical thinking is also an important attribute of preppers.

The Pantry of Preppers

Now that you have a basic idea about the traits of a prepper, gifting them something can be
crucial, unlike the usual ones. Even if you know the basics of the prepper pantry you can gift
them something good. Below is a list for the pepper pantry which you can follow.

Frequent foods -A food that is frequently eaten by the preps and their family must be
prioritized. Around a hundred pounds of food grains will be sufficient for the per
person stock. Since preps are always prepared for the situation they also know how
to cook the grains even if they are hard to cook. Prep pantry usually contains the
stock of grains reserved for the entire month or so.
Nutritional foods -Nutrition is an essential factor to be kept in mind while preparing
for a stock. The food grains must be high in value to keep the preps fit and going all
the time.
Increased calories – A minimum of 2000 calories is needed to work hard all day long.
Protein is a must in such a case along with other minerals. Try adding fruits, fats,
minerals, and proteins in the diet to keep going all day.
Enough protein content – Protein plays an important role in all the minerals out there.
It keeps the preps and everyone around energetic and provides the stuff to build
muscles and repair damaged tissues.
Backup pantry – The storage of food in the pantry must be considered as a
backup in case of emergencies. As the preppers prefer to stay alert of the situation,

gifting them this can be a great idea. The foods that preps buy get added to the
existing stock. Hence can be a savior at the time of emergency. It also follows the
first in and first-out rule.
Alternatives – Storing grains are good when it comes to an emergency situation. But
ignoring refrigerated items and spices is also not good. Try considering refrigerated
items as an alternative and let the grains be saved for later use.

Prepper Pantry Summary

The above list gives you an idea of what the prepper pantry looks like. It can include more
stuff and items. So if you are planning to gift your prep friends something try going through
their pantry. You must know the essentials of it so that you can choose an ideal gift
eventually. It is also crucial that you stock the food items in an appropriate amount. Keeping
it too less or too more will be a bad option especially with preppers. You must also check
the family size and the members in it. It will help you choose an appropriate quantity of
food. You can try upgrading their pantry as well.


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Prepper Pantry

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