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Prepper Water Storage – Basics And Options

Prepper Water Storage

Emergency situations are inevitable. It is better to prepare yourself for emergency situations
beforehand. Water is the most important supply that is stored for emergency situations. It is
the most important element for survival. Considering the importance of water for survival, we
should store the water and have a proper water supply. There is a rule of three, according to
this rule, a person can survive up to three days without water. The prepper water storage
prepares you for emergency situations.

Basics of prepper water storage

There are different challenges that are faced with storing water. A few of the challenges are
where to store the water, how much water to store, on what to store the water, and how long
the water will be safe after storage. The place to store the water should be decided. The
quantity of water to be stored should also be decided. The water should be stored in a cool,
dry, and dark place. The reason for storing water in these places is that it prevents the growth
of microorganisms and bacteria. The water should be stored in large nontranslucent, food-
grade containers. This type of container is used because it does not release any chemical in the
water that is stored in the container. It blocks external light and discourages the growth of

Options of prepper water storage

There are many options for water storage. The two most important options for water storage
are water bottles and reusable water containers.

 Bottles of Water
It is the most basic option to store water. As a prepper, your first step should be to buy
bottle water of a reasonable size. It is affordable and this is why it is included in the
water storage. The bottled water is easily available, you can buy the bottles of water
from the grocery store. The best part of the water bottle is that it is portable. Though

the water bottle does not last for a longer time, still if the bottle is left unopened, it can
last for two or more years. It is better to keep track of the water bottle. Check the
expiration date and replace them when the time comes.
 Reusable Water Containers
It is better to purchase one or more storage containers that are reusable specifically for
water storage. There is no need to replace the storage container as they can be used in
the long run. Also, it is cost-effective. There are different options in reusable water
containers used for prepper water storage, some of them are-
 5-gallon stackable water storage container
 55-gallon water storage barrel
 Water bob
 160-gallon stackable water storage tanks
 High capacity water storage tanks

The 5-gallon stackable water storage container is the most flexible container for storing
water. As it is large, it can store a significant amount of water and it is somewhat
portable. The 55-gallon water storage barrel stores eleven times more water than the 5-
gallon water storage. But the portability is compromised. Transporting the 55-gallon
water storage barrel is a significant challenge. You can store almost 100 gallons of water
with water bob. In this way, you can store the water and prevent the water from getting
exposed to the bacteria and other harmful cleaning agents that are used to clean the

The 160-gallon stackable water storage tanks are very large. They are very
expensive and also very heavy. it is excellent water storage for storing a huge amount of
water. The high capacity water storage tanks have a long-term water storage capability.
It comes in a variety. The variety of models depends on the material using which they
are built.


The importance of storing water cannot be underestimated. Many activities are linked to water.
If there is a shortage of water and due to some reason, you don’t have access to water if you
haven’t stored any then it will cause difficulty. Storing water is easy and you need a good
container to store the water. The water storage containers are available online and you can
purchase a one that fits your needs and budget. Protecting the water from the growth of
bacteria and other microorganisms is another concern that must be addressed when storing


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Prepper Water Storage

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