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10 Best Bug-Out or Saddle Bag Items for Your Dog

Saddle Bag For Fido

Yes, Spot wants to survive too and as usual doesn’t want you to leave with out him so you’re going to have to make some space in your survival plan for him too. As long as they can carry their own saddle bag and keep up with you there are many advantages to having your dog with you. Some dogs can provide protection while all dogs can be good at alerting and alarming to approaching danger.

If you choose to bring your dog with you in a survival situation, they will need their own survival supplies kit too. Here are 10 important items to have prepared for your pooch.

1. The Saddle Bag itself

Your best friend is literally going to have to carry their own weight and a saddle bag is designed to help Fido do exactly this by evenly distributing the cargo weight on both sides of his little dog body. Your job is to be sure that it’s waterproof (or use plastic bags) so the contents stay usable.

2. Freeze Dried Dog Food

Remember, your own survival kit should have at least 3 days worth of food and preferably fresh water- and so should your dog’s. Both of you should be carrying freeze dried food because it takes up less space and weighs less in your kit. Yes, they actually make freeze dried food for dogs too.

3. Medicine

Obviously any medications your dog is taking should be packed in their survival kit, especially life-dependent or specialized medications because opportunities to obtain more may not exist in a survival scenario. Have a supply of heart-worm medication and flea and tick treatment packed and ready to go at all times just in case these ailments develop along the way.

4. Water Purification Tablets

You should have these too for your own use, but in situations where you cannot carry or locate fresh drinking water these tablets will work just fine and keep you and your dog safe from contaminated water. A portable water filter can also do the job, but adds weight to your survival kit.

5. Extra Leash

This is a good idea simply because of the countless number of uses of cord and rope in survival scenarios. Plus, something may actually happen to the first leash so having an extra one can help keep your dog from chasing squirrels and cats when you need him to be focused on helping you.

6. Extra Dog Tag and Collar

Just as mentioned above, this is in case something happens to the original set. If your dog get separated from you in any survival/disaster situation you want to have the best chance of having them returned to you and the dog tag is still the best way for anyone to identify your dog and its owner. Don’t overlook this.

7. Backpacker’s Bowl

Lightweight and collapsible, backpacker’s bowls are designed for human hikers, but make ideal portable food and water bowls for your dog. Pack two bowls and some bio-safe dish detergent to keep them clean.

8.  Blanket

Be sure to pack a lightweight blanket inside your dog’s saddle bag/survival kit. The blanket can provide warmth in the cool times and double as a dog bed in others. It’s a small, but important treat for your dog in the new environment.

9. Treats

Some things never change and your dog still wants treats whether they did anything to earn them or not. It’s cool though, a few treats will put your dog more at ease and he has to carry them anyway so pack a few favorite treats and you both may feel a bit back at home.

10. Favorite Toy or Clothing with Your Scent

This is important because it reminds your dog of you and the comfort of your home and by bringing an item like this with you your dog will feel more comfortable, even in an unfamiliar survival situation. Your dog’s favorite toy serves the same purpose, with the added benefit of play which is also still important at this time.

The Doggie Saddle Bag Conclusion

Your furry best friend can also be a life-saving asset in an emergency or survival scenario. The best thing you can do to prepare yourself is preparing for and with them too. Practice with your dog to stay ready if the need ever arises.


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