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Survival Resources – The Essentials

Survival Resources

Tips on Survival Resources

It sometimes happens in your life that you get stuck in an unwanted situation and you have no option other than surviving that situation with the help of your presence of mind and only the supplies you have with yourself at that point in time. So, what you need to do is to prepare for the crisis moment. What you need to do is pack your bug-out bag with essential survival resources while you are traveling from one place to another. It is very important that kids are educated about this in survival school since this is a very important part of life.


Keep a knife and/or scissors in your bag

Wherever you are traveling does not matter you are going to need a sturdy knife and a pair of scissors. So just keep them in your bag during your travel. These items are however not allowed in the hand baggage so if you are traveling by air then make sure you put these items in your luggage. These will help you in your daily life as well as if you get stuck somewhere in any unexpected survival situation.


Carry a water filter in your survival kit

No matter where you’re headed, drop in a small water filter in your survival kit or bug-out bag. Water is the most essential resource out there and you can easily find a nearby water body irrespective of wherever you are. So all you need is a small water filter and you can convert any available water to drinking water.


Survival Resources Tip: Know how to start a fire

The next most important survival resource is a lighter or matchstick which will help you to start a fire in case you get stuck somewhere. So, if you have been looking for survival resources just include either of these in your list. Usually, lighter is preferred over matchstick since the latter might get wet in rain or water and stop being functional. Even if you are stuck in the forest the fire will help you to keep warm as well as keep any wild animals away from your shelter. So, the importance of this is pretty huge.


Carry a water-resistant tarp of the size of a double bedsheet

The next most important item on your list is a water-resistant tarp that you can use to put up a shelter in case you need to build one yourself. You can build the frame of the shelter with some steady wood or any stick but to complete the shelter this is the one thing that you would be needing the most.


A compass is one of the most vital survival resources

This is something that people these days find useless, but you should carry a compass in your bag as this will not occupy much space and will help you to navigate you in case you get lost somewhere. So even if you feel that this one is not needed, still just put it in your bag since in time of emergency this would be one of the most useful items.


Carry a chargeable or battery operated small light

This is because in case you are staying in a camp then the outside fire might not be sufficient to light the inside of the camp. So, a chargeable light would be of great help. If it’s a battery-operated light then just carry some additional batteries with you so that you can use them in case of emergency. This is a very small and handy tool that you must keep in your travel bag.


A first aid kit is mandatory in your bag

Though it is very unlikely that you will need a first aid kit during trekking or any emergency situation still this is one of the most important things that are there in the list of survival resources. Usually, kids are taught in school about these items and a small first aid kit is a must-have according to experts.



Thus, if you have been looking forward to a camping trip in the future or you are preparing for a survival scenario, then make sure that you pack these essential items in your bag. And in case you come to any edgy situation then these items can be of great use to you.


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