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The 5 Best Survival Food Brands

Survival Food

Even in a disaster or survival scenario you will need to eat, but most likely traditional food sources will not be available so you will need to maintain a supply of survival food to provide energy for yourself and family, but which foods are best in an emergency? How much food will you need?

Second question first, your survival kit or bug out bag should contain a minimum of 3 days worth of food for you, each member of your family, and also your pet. The more the better, but remember you may have to travel with and carry your kit so you’ll be best served by lightweight packaged foods that have a very long storage or shelf-life.

The great news is there are several brands that specialize and excel at producing survival-based foods and below are the most popular among survival enthusiasts:

Wise Company 52 Serving Prepper Pack

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Wise is one of the most well-known survival food brands and they produce countless different meals in a wide variety of sizes. Our favorite is the 52 Serving Prepper Pack that costs about $60 which is just over $1 per meal. Great value and you can choose from pasta with vegetables, savory stroganoff, southwest beans and rice, apple cinnamon oatmeal and others, each meal including both a whey-protein and orange flavored drinks. Again, not bad at all for $1 a meal.
Other popular Wise survival-food products include the 104 Serving Prepper Packs, 240 Serving Emergency Packages, 120 Serving Breakfast Buckets, and 60 Serving Protein Packs. The prices can vary, but usually these items are cheaper online at Amazon than you will find in local outdoors and camping stores.

American Red Cross 4 Person 72 Hour Food Supply

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Direct from the people who understand disaster all too well, the American Red Cross actually produces an emergency rations kit that is available to the general public. The American Red Cross 4 Person 72 Hour Food Supply is a kit that provides 2,100 calories per day to a 4 person household for 3 full days. The meals include macaroni and cheese, chicken and vegetable stew, black beans and rice, cheddar cheese grits, and cheddar and broccoli rice. At $109, it’s a bit pricier than other options, but it’s definitely a brand you can trust and the money is going to a good cause helping others who are already experiencing disaster and emergency.

Valley Food Storage 1 Month Supply Survival Food

This is a great option for health-conscious survivalists because Valley Food Storage produces non-GMO, gluten-free, and dairy-free food options designed for people with dietary restrictions or special needs. Their meals include choice like fettucini alfredo, buttermilk pancakes, pasta primavera, tomato and basil soup, and of course macaroni and cheese. It’s very hard to believe a one month supply of all this tasty-sounding food only costs $150, but it does.

Mountain House Survival Food

Many hikers and backpackers are already familiar with Mountain House foods and survivalists should get to know them too because this backpacking food is absolutely perfect for any survival or disaster scenario.
The servings are freeze-dried for light weight and storage concerns and come in delightfully large portion sizes. Choose a full meal like home-style turkey casserole or chili macaroni with beef or simple snack options like granola and trail mix. They even make ice cream sandwiches! These meals are priced between $7 and $12 so it’s more costly than some other options, still the popularity of Mountain House keeps people coming back for more.

GoodTo Go Survival Food

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GoodTo Go brand is just like Mountain House in that they cater to health-conscious consumers, but they take it even further by offering many more options, even vegetarian. You can choose Indian vegetable korma, a Mexican quinoa bowl, herbed mushroom risotto, and other gourmet-style meals GoodTo Go meals are typically priced at about $13 each, but you may be able to save by buying them in bulk.



Survival food is specialized and of course absolutely necessary to have in a survival or emergency situation. Choose ready-made meals from established survival-food producers and make sure you take into account any special dietary needs for yourself and each member of your family. Keep at least a 3 day supply ready at all times.


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