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Top 6 Self-Defense Keychain Models

Self-defense Keychain

In some emergency situations, the only weapon you will have readily available are your car keys. Digging around for a knife or something else in your pocket or purse costs valuable time, so use what you have in hand – a self-defense keychain. They are designed to be easily accessible in case of an attack and discreet enough not to attract attention in everyday use.

Yoogo Self-Defense Keychain

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The Yoogo Self Defense keychain somewhat resembles a small hand-held kneading massager, but it definitely packs a punch.  When using the Yoogo keychain, simply place it in your hand around the index finger. The ends of the Yoogo will protrude between both your index finger and thumb plus between your index finger and middle finger. This makes hitting/striking an attacker much more effective and assists in other self-defense moves as well. The Yoogo can even be used to break auto glass in emergencies.

SOG Key Knife Folding Knife

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One of the most unique and clever self-defense keychains recommended is the SOG Key Folding Knife, It’s actually a small knife designed to look like an ordinary house key. It has a sturdy 1 1/2″ blade that quickly folds in and out which make it a excellent choice for emergency self-defense. The best part is that you can pick up an SOG Key Knife Folding Knife for less than 10 bucks and it discreetly blends in with the rest of your keys.

PS – SOG stands for Studies and Observations Group, a military special operations unit.

Kubaton Duty Self-Defense Keychain

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The Kubaton Duty Self Defense keychain looks a lot like a Christmas tree ornament, but don’t let that fool you because when used correctly it it a very potent self-defense tool. This self-defense keychain is lightweight, but has a strong solid construction measuring in at 5 1/2 inches. This Kubaton can be used either as a blunt-force object or stabbing instrument in case of an attack and no one wants to be on the other side of one of these.

Kubaton Keyring Aluminum Blunt Force

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The Kubaton Keyring Aluminum Blunt Force doesn’t appear to be a weapon at all. It’s simple a slim metal rod with two metal spikes sticking out one side of it. To use this self-defense keychain simply make a fist around the rod and let the two spike protrude forward on both sides of your middle finger. Punching someone with this will do some serious damage to any assailant even if your punches are not very strong so it’s an excellent choice for smaller individuals.

SABRE Pepper Spray Self-Defense Keychain

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The SABRE Pepper Spray Keychain is specifically designed for effectiveness and ease of use. This keychain is actually a palm-sized canister of industrial grade pepper spray that quickly slides open so you can spray an attacker in very little time. Once they are incapacitated, you can now easily run for safety or pull out your primary weapon of choice. Please ensure the use of mace is legal in your area and if so, this is definitely a great asset to carry.

Vipertek VTS

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WARNING – Be sure the use of stun guns is allowed in your locale.

If you can legally use a stun gun where you live, then this is the best self-defense keychain for you. The Vipertek VTS is small enough to fit on your keychain, but packs the power of a full-sized stun gun. The amount of electricity sent from the Vipertek VTS can reduce any attacker to a slobbering mess at your feet instantly, so definitely do not treat it as a toy and give this ultimate self-defense keychain the respect it deserves.


Although bad situations happen everyday, you can stay safe and in control with planning, awareness, and preparation. A reliable self-defense keychain has been proven effective and even invaluable in many emergency situations and can do the same for you if needed.


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Top Self Defense Keychains


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