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Survival Fish Trap

Survival Checkpoint can help you stay safe when disaster strikes.

Survival Checkpoint: The ultimate guide to preparedness, with over 1,500 actionable tips, tricks and product recommendations for survival enthusiasts.

Survival skills for preppers: Survival Checkpoint is a for-profit website dedicated to the hobby of survival. For many years, I’ve been writing about survival skills and prepping techniques. My goal is to help equip you with the skills and gear you need to survive in the wilderness for 72 hours – or more.

Survival Checkpoint is an information resource providing useful tips, tricks and product recommendations to survival enthusiasts and preppers. Survival Checkpoint also offers educational content such as the blog “Prepper Pete” and videos, books and other resources to help people prepare for uncertain or dangerous times.

Survival Checkpoint is a new, unique and diverse resource that provides preppers useful tips and tricks to survive in the wilderness. You will find all sorts of information from how to build a solar still, make soap with animals fats, improvise a rifle sling to building an advanced bug out bag list for your next backpacking, hiking or even camping trip.

Survival Checkpoint was built to provide survival enthusiasts and preppers with photos, videos, and information to help them make better decisions when it comes to their preparedness and emergency plans.

This website provides survival skills and tools to improve your situational awareness and preparedness. We are an independently-funded, self-published website dedicated to providing survival enthusiasts and preppers with the tools, training, and resources needed to minimize potential threats so they can safely enjoy their favorite outdoor activities. As a recreational shooter, I understand how important it is for a person to have adequate weapons and proper training in order to defend themselves should the need arise.

We offer a different kind of information resource, various videos, blog posts, ebooks and much more. Survival Checkpoint is the voice of the people – our subscribers! We aim to target every level of prepper from first time owners through to proficient enthusiasts . The information is available for anyone who wants to get ready for uncertain times

This site will be your ultimate resource for prepper supplies and products, as well as prepper advice from friendly experts.

Survival Checkpoint is the go-to resource to help people get ready for uncertain and dangerous times. We help readers learn skills and develop their inner survivalist. Looking for advice on how to improve your camping experience or a review of your favorite knife? Check us out!

We’re here to help you prep for anything. With our free weekly newsletter and curated online shop, you can stock up on some of the highest quality prepper products available.


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What started out as a commitment to protect my family from the dangers of the world has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threats of today, there are ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is Power.

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