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Why survival classes are important for your kids

Survival Classes

These days with increasing academic pressure the importance of survival classes is rapidly
decreasing an even disappearing from the coursework of several schools. So, if you have
been noticing that with your kid then you must be able to handle the situation in a slightly
better manner since this is one of the most important things out there. Here are a few
things that will help you understand the importance of these survival training classes in the
life of your kid.

Why survival classes are important in school education

These survival training related classes help people learn things that will come handy in the
long run that is for throughout their lifetime. So, they can escape any kind of situation and
survive with the help of a bare minimum. These pieces of training involve survival strategies
in unpleasant instances as well as during any natural disaster. They will help you get out of a
situation and also teach you how to survive in the woods with the help of a bare minimum.
So, if you have been looking for places to provide these sorts of training to your kids you are
on the right track. These are things that people must learn early enough in their age as they
might need it at any point in time.

Most important survival skills that will help you in any situation

It is important that as a parent you accustom your kid to certain types of survival skills on
your own. Here are the 3 most critical survival skills that you must educate your child about.

  • Finding a nearby source of water and purify it – it will not be difficult to find a
    nearby water body somewhere around you. So, when you realize that you are lost
    or stuck somewhere just find a nearby source of the water body. Try to carry a mini
    water filter in your bag at all points of time. This will help you filter any kind of
    water that you get nearby and then convert it to water worth drinking.
  • Building a shelter from scratch – this is another important thing that you must
    know. Either you can carry a sleeping bag along with you everywhere you are
    going or you just carry a waterproof tarp and some stick and a scissor along with you. So that in case you are stuck somewhere like in the woods then you are using the tarp and some wooden sticks to make
    yourself an emergency survival shelter.
  • Navigating your way back – keep a compass in your bag at all points of time. This is
    important since if you get stuck your mobile will also lose power and a compass is
    the only thing that you need to navigate your way back. Teach your kid about how
    they can navigate their way by creating dummy situations.

You must learn to send out rescue signals on a contrasting background.
Irrespective of where you are a satellite will pass over you at some point of the day. So, try
to take some sort of signal making things along with you at all points of time. You can even
use available resources to create some sort of signal. This is important and every kid must
develop an aptitude for this purpose. So, make sure you give puzzles and this kind of task to your kid so that they can develop this sort of aptitude. You can use any kind of item from your surroundings and create a contrast with your background to call for help.

Send your kid to survival classes

There are some agencies that organize survival camps for teenagers usually during the
vacations. They go for trekking and survival camp in some islands where you build your own
stay and arrange for your own food and you can definitely send your kid to such a camp. It
would be a great fun learning opportunity for the children while they are having a good


So, if you have been looking for survival classes for your kids it is good that you take them
seriously and train your kids to survive in any kind of situation because that will help them a
lot in the future.


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